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What Can I Give You This Christmas

Rec. Year: 1970 | Added: 11/22/2021 | Era: 1970s | Director: | Uploaded by: Paul L.

Collection: PMO Christmas Show 50th Anniversary
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Location: [?]
Genre: Popular | Type: Christmas Show |


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Thank you for this database!  Proud PVCG & P’ette daughter (and current PVGC mom.)  I have albums & cassettes from Christmas shows, but having this digitally is absolutely priceless. My dad, Dean DeVoe, is the soloist in this song.


on 1/28/2022
from Goshen, IN

Great to hear from you!

I’m pretty sure Dean sang with us or visited us in rehearsal 98-2002. That or he joined us on stage.

Thanks for the connection!

's avatar

Paul L.

on 1/28/2022

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