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During the 125th anniversary celebration, archival Glee Club recordings were unearthed and made available on the complimentary CD. A web link appeared on the back of the CD cover, which for many went unnoticed.

Two years afterwards, I downloaded that archive and started to sift through it. Thankfully, performances were cataloged by year and location. I started sharing some select tracks with PVGC friends, and it became evident that slinging huge .zip archives around wasn’t a great way to browse the tracks.

Enter PVGCDB! This website provides an interface for browsing and searching through decades of recordings. Performance audio is organized by director, era, year, genre, tag, lyrics, commentary, etc. And like IMDB or Wikipedia, registered users may help edit and maintain the content.

Acknowledgements: The main sources of audio include late 1990s new man CDs, Bog’s DATs, and the Reel-To-Reel transfers from the 125th. A special thank you to Scott Hines, Alan Bogovich, Andrew Vitatoe, Tim Eldridge, Chris Pozezanac, Chris Hoos, and anyone else who pushed the “record” button for a Glee Club performance. (if others should be listed here, please contact me).

Visit the Volunteer page to find ways to help and contribute.

Hail Purdue!

Paul Larson (PVGC ‘02)